AIGEL | Bush Bash

The music video by AIGEL band for the track BUSH BASH. The musical collective, which became popular on the Internet after the publication of the video for the song “Tatarin”, told a personal story in an inimitable style. The new video, saturated and gloomy, is unlike anything that came out before in the Russian-language YouTube.

This is a short version of the movie, shot on a smartphone. Filming of the video was held in Thailand, where in a multifaceted stratification of different locations, we told a metaphorical story of a mysterious heroine. Under the heavy rhythm and lyrics in the Tatar language, actress Anastasia Tsoy has come a long way through a multi-faceted country in somnambulistic condition.




Andzej Gavriss


Andzej Gavriss


Julija Fricsone-Gavriss

Key Cast

Anastasya Tsoy